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The Art of Marketing On The Internet With Video

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Video is fast becoming the way to get the attention of the consumers when you want to market on the internet. First of all, people are just naturally attracted to a video, because it is different that the average, run of the mill, headline that you see for most websites. Videos are pretty simple to make and distribute once you get the hang of it, but if you need help, you can definitely search on Google for high quality, affordable SEO services from a company like Solar Flare Marketing in Phoenix, AZ.

In most cases, your video, if it is well done and you optimize it correctly, will be the only video on the front page of Google with all of the other headlines being websites. Guess what? Most of the hits will be on your video, just out of curiosity, if nothing else, assuming you have an engaging picture and title on the page. This can lead to some leads and sales assuming your video isn’t overly promotional.

People like videos, especially “how to” videos. You will see a lot of action on videos that show people how to do things, like change the faucet on the kitchen sink. (some kitchen sink faucets can be pretty complicated.) If you have a service business, you can easily make a “how to” video about one of your services that a homeowner might be able to tackle themselves. Chances are they won’t complete the project and you’ve got yourself a new customer.

First, start off with some keyword research and find a good niche where you can dominate, and then build a YouTube channel around that keyword phrase and variations of the keyword. Do around 10 to 12 videos in those different areas and post them in your YouTube account, and you will probably have success with at least a few of the videos. Keep in mind that you won’t hit pay dirt with every video or keyword.

You will need to pick a topic that people are interested in however, because you can rank really high in a niche that no one is looking for anything in, and starve. Find out what people want and build a video for it. (remember the better mousetrap theory?)

Be engaging. If you don’t want to be in the video yourself, spend $5 and have it done at Fiverr, or do a storyboard with you doing the narration. It doesn’t matter all that much, if you can be engaging and tell the story, you will win. And remember to keep it short. Definitely stay under 5 minutes if you want to hold the viewers attention.